Natural Remedies for Muscle Pain and Inflammation

We are an All-Natural Pain product that let's you Get Back to the Real You!

No Pills, No Man-Made Chemicals, No Dangerous Molecules.

Pure Oils Used Medicinally for Centuries. Every Ingredient in 8E6® was clinically tested and scientifically validated.

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  • 8 Essential Oils

    We don't use any chemical bonding agents . 100% All-Natural Ingredients. Topical. Apply directly.

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  • Opens Capillaries

    Unlike competing products that thin your blood to relieve pressure, we open your capillaries.

  • Increases Blood Flow

    Which expediates the recovery process of the damaged area and reduces inflammation.

Proud PHATS vendor!

Roller Ball

Great for hard to reach areas - lower back, shoulders, hamstrings, etc.

These oils are extractions of plant materials, often rich in terpenes (volatile plant compounds with distinctive scents). Many of the terpenes impart CNS depressant effects. They interact with neuronal phospholipids membranes and alter the function of ion gates and receptors.

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Spray Bottle

Great for large areas - arms, legs, feet, etc.

Pain causes inflammation in the nerves at the pain site. When the 8E6® formula is applied topically, it acts by regulating temperature at the pain site - bringing the body part back to its normal temperature. This temperature regulation is what reportedly reduces the inflammation and helps bring temporary relief from the pain. 

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Great for on the go!

Keep a couple in your gym bag. Slip one in your back pocket before heading out for a hike.

Other products act by either heating or cooling the pain site, which often fails to properly bring back the inflamed body part to its normal temperature. Consequently, many topicals offer little, brief, or no pain relief. Such products often include additives, such as mineral oil and paraffin. Mineral oils block the skin’s pores. Paraffin heats the pain site but does not allow the skin to breathe. 8E6 distinguishes itself from topical creams and balms because it has no binding agents, carriers, or preservatives, which may cause irritation and rashes.

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The Combination of the Cooling and Heating Effects

in the 8E6 essential oils neutralize the pain by regulating the body part’s temperature. This impact on the affected body part is what reportedly reduces the inflammation and relieves the sensation of pain. Camphor is a rubefacient and warms the skin by increasing blood flow. Menthol, the chief constituent of peppermint oil, causes a cooling sensation on the skin by activation of peripheral cold receptors. Eucalyptus provides a sensation of warmth, which reduces aches and pains. Combined, they have direct anti-inflammatory actions, bring more immune cells into the pain site to mop up damaged cells and tissues, and are said to support the underlying healing process. 



All-Natural Ingredients

8E6® is a unique, proprietary blend of 8 essential oils. Every ingredient of 8E6® was clinically tested and scientifically validated. No binders, additives or preservatives.


No pills, no man-made chemicals, no dangerous molecules. Pure oils used medicinally for centuries. Avoid the liver damage from Non-Steriodal Anti-Imflammatory Drugs (NSAIDS).


Because 8E6® increases blood flow - it works great as a pre-work-out.


Apply directly. Target your problem areas.